The permanent residence permit programme adopted by the Cypriot government allows individuals with a high enough income for a decent living in Cyprus, without the need to be engaged in any local business, to invest in the island. As long as the conditions listed below are met, an individual has the right to apply for the programme described.



Non-european citizens.

Invest in a property of value at least € 300 000 + VAT.

Create a fixed 3 year deposit of € 30 000 in a bank based in Cyprus.

Be in Cyprus once every two years minimum.

Advantages of Cyprus

Advantages of Cyprus residency:

Issued within 3 months maximum

Validity of a lifetime without need for renewal

Granted to the children and parents from both sides of the family

Contrary to other European countries who require residency for at least three months a year, you will only need to visit Cyprus once every two years.

Why Choose Cyprus


Sunshine all year round

Top quality education and healthcare

One of the safest countries to live in with family and raise your children

Attractive tax system

European union member

Excellent geographical location